The Word on STAR WARS from my daughter

19 05 2005

“Too corny”

Well, yeah, but isn’t that part of the point?




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19 05 2005

that’s funny. The other day, Myles Sorenson summed up the difference between an American audience and a European audience by saying an American audience will put up with a lot of corniness but not pretension while a European audience will withstand a lot of pretension but no corn. Did you secretly raise your daughter in Europe, Mr. Hoity Toity?

19 05 2005

My roommates went to a screening of Batman at Warners last night. They liked it which is saying a lot because they don’t like anything really. John said that it doesn’t pander to 12 year olds, that it’s dark and scary fitting with the theme that Batman is able to defeat his opponents by instilling fear in them. So it sounds promising. And a lot less homoerotic than Joel Schumacher’s Batman.

We’re doing extras at work for George Clooney’s new film Goodnight and Good Luck. It’s the story of how Edward Murrow decided to take on Joe McCarthy. it looks good. judging by the interviews and dailies, it seems like clooney, who’s directing, is trying to do a thoughtful and provocative film like Network. I love the subject matter and the cast looks good. So one to keep an eye out for.

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