Where Have All The Bumper Stickers Gone?

18 05 2005

Stuck behind a massive Toyota Fucking Forerunner this morning on the Santa Monica Freeway (that’s Santa Monica Expressway, to those of you back East, and “the 10” to those of you in LA), I noticed that it had three bumper stickers for an AM radio station plastered on its rear.

Then it occurred to me that I rarely see bumper stickers on cars or trucks anymore. When I was growing up everyone had some of them stuck on their car’s butt-end. We had one for a while from Howe Caverns, a tourist attraction in New York, where families would safely wander through caves and learn that “stalactites” dropped down from the ceiling and “stalagmites” grew up from the ground.

Perhaps it’s the rise of leased autos, or perhaps its the rise of advertising everywhere else in the entire world but a quick look around me on the freeway/expressway/parkway/10 turned up not one single other vehicle that had sullied its surface with a bumper sticker.

It’s hard to know whether that’s an improvement or not.



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18 05 2005

I have two left-over bumper stickers on my car from when my grandma owned it. One is for Public Television, and the other, AAA.

I see a lot of bumper stickers in my neighborhood. Mostly anti-Bush. But then again, I don’t live in hoity-toity land like you do.

18 05 2005

The 10 Freeway is “hoity toity”??

The vast wasteland between the Ocean and Downtown, around Crenshaw is “hoity-toity”?

Hmm, I’m going to have to rethink my living situation. I could move to a much cheaper neighborhood and still feel “hoity-toity”!!

18 05 2005

Heh. I think everyone on the 10 is coming from the hoity-toity. but that’s my blind prejudice talking about the west side.

18 05 2005

Oh, that’s true. We are coming from the hoity-toity. I thought you meant how we feel, not where we live!!

18 05 2005

I make it a general rule to judge people on where they live, not how they feel. /sarcasm

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