How Old Are You, Deep Inside?

18 05 2005

If you want to know how old you really really are, deep inside, just click right here.

It’s all about ten questions that you’ll be able to suss out quite well.

Also, on the same site, is a Star Wars Name Generator in which I discovered that my Star Wars Name is: Norho Tunew

My Star Wars Title? Nylcho of Haras

Never mind.



4 responses

18 05 2005

I’m 26! Three years younger than I actually am! That’s exciting.

18 05 2005

It turns out my inside age is (drumroll!)… 31.

Which is also my real age.

Great. Just great.

18 05 2005

i went to a screening last night at the Arclight for (wait for it…) DODGEBALL. It turns out, that’s a really funny movie! I went with Ramsey, Pete and Morgan Jurgensen. Ramsey had some tickets, it was free and i wasn’t expecting much but I had a good time and there was a Q&A witht he director and the producer afterward that was really good.

The director is an SC grad (okay, a Starkie, but that still counts) and he came across as very much like one of us. He got out of school a few years ago, had a funny script, got rejected a lot and finally found some one who believed in him. it just felt good to hear an encouraging story. and he came across as a really nice, normal guy not some sort of super-connected psychopath. it was especially good to hear his stories about working with and enjoying his time with these actors and producers. A lot of people i know are just so relentlessly negative (even when they are trying to be encouraging, oddly enough) it was good to hear from some one whose story was encouraging.

So even though my current job is so boring that i am thinking about hitting myself in the face with a mallet (just to make it seem like something is happeniing!) there is hope. I’ve got my movie which I’m proud of and three scripts that are at least as good as what this director started out with. Good things can happen. Things won’t always be like they aree right now.

so who knew? Went to a screening of Dodgeball and came out with a little hope.

19 05 2005

Actually, I LIKED Dodgeball, so go figure. I don’t like everything that Ben Stiller is in, but I come close.

The thing is, this business is so fucking hard that it’s easy to lose sight of the many many people who succeed and how hard it was for them to become “overnight sensations.” It’s a little different than 500 years ago when I started, when all I needed to do was keep working in editing and I’d rise up. But not much different.

The key thing is to stay focussed. I’ve seen people get sidetracked by going into commercials and falling in love with the money there. I’ve seen people get sidetracked by the realities of having to pay the rent and finding that working is too time consuming. The hard part is keeping a roof over your head and still having the time to move ahead on your own, more fulfilling, projects.

It’s not like the thousand musicians I know who all can hold down day jobs and work on their music at night, because that’s when the gigs are. Films don’t wait until nighttime, so it’s easy to not have time for the stuff that will build your career.

All I can say is that you need to keep your network alive and optimistic/positive. You’ll do it. There ain’t no way that that isn’t going to happen. The USC mafia is going to help you big time, you’ll see.

Oh, by the way, I’d put the mallet down. Most studio execs don’t like to meet with people who have huge dents in their foreheads. It reminds them too much of their inner selves.

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