One of The Funniest Commercials EVER

16 05 2005

Try this one on for size. It’s for Blaupunkt and it must be from Europe.

Notice the subtle use of music and images. Notice the integration of humor and sales. Notice how friggin’ funny it is.

NOTE TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL: I know that there is sexual imagery in this and that is a very very bad thing. I know it. It’s just friggin’ funny so get off my case!!




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16 05 2005

Is this the commercial with all the sweatyy woman doing construction work? And cut to techno music?

16 05 2005

Because that one is a crack up. And about not remembering your prom, Norm…

I wouldn’t worry. Your generation had a lot of things on their plate. I mean think about it, the Great Depression was in full swing, the Nazi’s were invading Europe, they’d just invented Talkies… those were busy times, Norm. Very busy times.

16 05 2005

Actually, my prom didn’t happen during the Depression. We left that up to the whipper snappers. The thing I DO remember about my prom is how hard it was to organize the wagon train using only smoke signals.

Car pooling indeed.

16 05 2005

is your daughter going away to college in the fall? Or is she staying in the area? The prom thing didn’t phase my mom (or my dad, who is perpetually unfazed) probably because my brothers had already been through it but when i went away to college, it was a whole other story.

i was the first of the kids to leave home and it was really hard for her. i found out a few years later that she cried almost everytime i called or went back to visit that first semester (there’s a cheap shot joke in there somewhere). How do you think you’ll hold up? or are you just going to say, “Listen. You can go to any college you want as long as it’s USC”?

16 05 2005

She’s going back east to Bard and it’s exactly the type of place that’ll be great for her so I’m thrilled that she’s doing it.

I’m sure I’ll miss her, knowing that she’ll never really come back again. When she comes to visit, it’ll be that she’s visiting, not returning. But this is exactly what she SHOULD be doing at this point in her life.

And, since she’s our only child, we can rent her room out and make some money. :} Just joking,

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