Someone Likes USC Student Films

15 05 2005

Here’s a blog entry from a dude who came to see what appears to be a screening of our 546 or 480 films and was blown away.

My favorite quote from him is:

Every single short that they showed was A+ material. I mean, I watch a lot of short films on IFC and iFilm and what not, and these fucking shorts blew them all outta the water. If you woulda put them on a DVD and told me they were professional short films, I would have belived every word you told me.

We often get so fixated on what is wrong with our films that we forget what is RIGHT with them. Just the other day (Thursday) we had a screening of our final project on the two semester Episodic Television class — a three act dramatic television pilot. We’d all gotten so close to it and so concerned about its problems that it took an audience to let us find out just how good the project is.

And that is why I like to do previews of films I work on. You can take the focus groups after the previews, wrap them up and bury them six feet under. But the previews themselves — really valuable at telling you what is really working and what really isn’t



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