The Word From Cory

10 05 2005

The most abominable movie ever: Monster-in-law.

As Cory says “Jane, you should have stayed away.”




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11 05 2005

So i checked out your link to Post Secrets. It’s funny, sad and moving. And provided the most embarassing moment of my day.

I stepped away from the computer to, i don’t know, do some work, only to return shortly and find my co-workers laughing. i left up the Post Secrets site. and what post card did I stop on? “i had gay sex at church camp. 3 times.”

Thanks, Norm. Thanks a lot.

11 05 2005

Ha. That’s so sad, Cory. And I’m laughing at your expense now.

11 05 2005

it’s not as sad as when i got my finger caught in the DVD burner today. Now that was sad. And funny.

#$%$% DVD burner.

12 05 2005

Beware the hungry DVD Burners. They are plotting to take over the world.

PostSecret — yeah, amazing isn’t it? I was just talking last night to someone who might do a music/video installation with, using some of these cards, if we can get permission. I agree — funny, sad and moving.

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